LähiTuuli Oy
Snellmaninkatu 3 B
53100 Lappeenranta

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LähiTuuli is a renewable energy producer, developer and owner. The company was founded in 2009 and its operation is based on strong expertise of wind power technology and financing of investments.

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LähiTuuli Oy
Snellmaninkatu 3 B
53100 Lappeenranta 


Miika Pilli
tel +358 50 5055 188
e-mail: miika.pilli(at)tuulisaimaa.fi

Wind farm ownership

Co-owner of nine turbine wind farm Vartinoja I in Siikajoki.

Wind power development

Several development projects and investment opportunities in Finland.

Renewable energy investor

Continuous search of renewable energy investment opportunities worldwide.

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Property Service Management

All LähiTuuli’s assets management and development services is provided by TuuliSaimaa Oy.

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LähiTuuli Oy

Wind power development projects

  • 27


    The 27 turbine Metsälamminkangas project area is located in Vaala municipality, ~120 km from Oulu. The zoning plan was approved in summer 2015. The building permits have been granted and will be valid as soon as the zoning will get the legal force. The wind farm will be connected to Fingrid´s Vuolijoki substation via new 110 kV power line. On-site wind measurements has been carried out since 2014 from a 121- meter-high met mast and a LIDAR-device.

  • 6


    The 6 turbine Lemi project area is located in South Karelia, ~40 km from Lappeenranta city center. The zoning plan was approved and building permits were granted in summer 2015. Wind measurements have been carried out since 2013, from a 85-meter-high met mast and a LIDAR-device.

  • 2


    Two additional turbines have been planned to be built next to the existing Muukko wind farm in Lappeenranta. The new turbines will be connected to Muukko substation. Building permits were granded in August 2015.

Professional ownership
Shareholders and the board of directors

Private investors

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Raija ja Ossi Tuuliaisen säätiö


Chairman of the board:
Risto Kiljunen